App Throwdown

Fourth Annual

Showcase of UX excellence

Congratulation to All!!!

This year’s App Throwdown was the best one yet! Thanks all around for being great sports and delivering great apps!

App Throwdown Sponsored by:
Best in Show Winner Best in Show Winner:
Best in Class Winner Best in Class Winners:

Mobile – SuiteBox

Best Seamless Integration – Salesfusion

Data, Information, & Analytics – Entrinsik

Customer Experience & Engagement (Tie) – TrustSphere

Customer Experience & Engagement (Tie) – PixelHarmonia

Beyond CRM – Findability Sciences

Here are some of the amazing submissions we have received:

1-Click Data Migration
3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions
Accounting Connect for SugarCRM 7
Advanced Support Manager
AFLPA Billing & Payment Automation
Ozonetel Systems Pvt Ltd
Customer Persona
CRM Couch
Fellow Consulting AG
Epicom’s QuickBooks Integration for Sugar
Epicom’s Map Integration to Sugar Target Lists
GrinMark AESync: Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer
GrinMark Outlook 365 Plugin for SugarCRM
Hootsuite SugarCRM
IBM Watson integration with SugarCRM
Intellicheck Data Validation for SugarCRM 7
Intellidocs for SugarCRM 7
Map to Lead for SugarCRM 7
Newsletter2Go GmbH
Leads Prioritization by Financial Strength
Reports Plus for Sugar7
Provident CRM Ltd
Riva CRM Integration
Riva CRM
Robin Hood - Round Robin Assignment
Sales Opportunity Dashboard
Nomalys for SugarCRM
OpenIMS® Document Management Server
Salesfusion integration with SugarCRM 7.5
Scribe Online
Software Vertical for SugarCRM
SugarCRM Leads Distribution and Routing
SugarCRM Magento Sync Connector
SugarCRM Phone for TAPI and VOIP with Power Dialer
Danmar Computers
SugarCRM Predictive Dialer
SugarCRM to Hubspot integration
Suitebox video APP
Symphony Richer Relationships
TexoCC Sales Engagement Hub
TrustSphere Relationship Analytics
Visual Sales Pipeline
XperiDo for SugarCRM
Yathit InboxCRM