App Throwdown

Fourth Annual

Showcase of UX excellence

Calling all customers, partners, developers and Sugar enthusiasts: Get Ready for the 2015 App Throwdown!!!

Have you built a great application that integrates with SugarCRM? Do you have the next killer mobile app that leverages content from today’s best in class CRM? Have you connected Sugar to the “Internet of Things”? Well then, it’s time to show it off!

Starting March 2, you can submit your app in five categories; Mobile, Best Seamless Integration, Data, Information & Analytics, Customer Experience and Engagement, and Beyond CRM. A team of Sugar executives and CRM experts will review each entry and select five “Best in Class” winners who will be invited to compete for “Best in Show” on SugarCon’s main stage. Join us to for another exciting event and cheer on your favorite app in this year’s throwdown!

App Throwdown Categories

Powerful mobile applications help your customers see i2i wherever they are. Entries in this category will be judged on the best mobile customization, or mobile extension of Sugar in a marketing, field sales, field service or other customer-facing scenario.

Sugar provides virtually limitless ways of integrating with virtually limitless apps and data sources. This category will focus on applications that follow the best practices of our UI/UX and show creative use of the Intelligence Panel, Dashlets,Activity Streams, and other key areas of the Sugar UX best in class user interface.

Getting the right information at the right time is a critical part of creating extraordinary customer relationships. Understanding business insights is an important tool for optimizing your selling and go-to-market strategy. Entries in this category will be judged on how they help Sugar users make better decisions and execute faster based on having better information at their fingertips.

This category will look at integrations and customizations that optimize the customer experience and increase levels of engagement. These can include workflow-based customizations and extensions to better align with the customer journey; embedded call center or other real-time employee-to-customer communications; or tools to help agents close more deals or resolve more cases faster.

The openness of the Sugar platform means that developers and users’ only limits are their imaginations. Entries in this category will focus on the “edge cases” of CRM. So, if your application interfaces with the real world through the “Internet of Things”, or you’ve added game mechanics to motivate the right behavior, or tied into today’s powerful social tools, this category is for you!

Submissions open on March 2 and will run through March 27. Complete rules and submission guidelines will be posted on our web site.

For any questions, please drop us a line at .

Best in Class Judges
  • Jenny Gonsalves, Vice President, Engineering, SugarCRM Inc.
  • Remy Malan, Vice President, Customer Success, SugarCRM Inc.
  • Henning Ogberg, Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales, SugarCRM Inc.
  • Jennifer Stagnaro, Chief Marketing Officer, SugarCRM Inc.